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©2019 by Andrea Corbett.


I didn't always know what I wanted to do or whom I wanted to be.






When I left school in 1992 with no qualifications. I had time over the Summer holidays to reflect on my future, I decided to enrol onto a BTEC First Business and Finance course, which would at least give me a GSCE equivalent grade. After graduating with a Merit (GCSE B), I was eligible to go on to the next level and finally achieve the qualifications to complete a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems. During which time, I became pregnant with my son in July 1997. Fortunately for me, I was able to go back to my studies in October of the same year. This new role as a mother gave me a greater sense of purpose and I was also able to identify my ‘why’ in life. I went on to pursue various roles within IT, to the extent, I became a self-taught certified Microsoft Certified Professional in Networking and was promoted from Helpdesk Advisor to SQL Database Administrator.

In 2004, I began working at Middlesex University as an Undergraduate Lecturer in ICT, as a result, I went on to complete a Post Graduate Certification in Education. As time passed I worked my way up to Head of Department for Business and ICT. I thought that having completed all of these studies, I would have the answer to my purpose, to a fulfilling career and life.

In 2014 I noticed I wasn't happy, with who I was or what I was doing, and I couldn't understand why. I felt anxious and stressed constantly, and emotionally began binge eating and drinking more than your weekly standard. I hid it well, pretending everything was all right, allowing myself to suffer in silence. I limited myself with comments such as "I wasn't worthy" and "I am not a good mother", just to mention a few. As a result, my relationships began to be affected, but worst of all the one with my son.

In 2015 my life took a radical turn for the worse, I was diagnosed with a mental health illness and put on anti-depressants. As if that was not enough, I voluntarily resigned from a high paying teaching role, a career I had carefully cultivated for over 10 years. I made this decision due to low confidence, low self-esteem and unable to handle the changes at the time. Fast forward to the present, I have had numerous achievements, with the turning point being the discovery of fitness as a way to manage my mental health, discovering a new career path, becoming the British Champion Women’s Physique and IFBB Elite Pro Bodybuilder.

By 2018 I transformed myself into a person, I never knew I would become. I went on to achieve the title of a British Champion Bodybuilder, I became a qualified Personal Trainer and Coach. Through discipline, shifting my mindset, self-love and self-care - I was able to combine, my qualifications, skills and hobbies to become the women I am today.

I understand what it is to feel alone and feel as if there's no one there to help and or listen to you. I know what it is to feel stuck or as if you've reached the high point of your career, but still not feel whole or content. I know what it is to have desires, and not know where to begin to obtain them.

Having experienced such a roller coaster of life and emotions, I would never want anyone to feel as lost, stuck or alone.

I am determined to help others overcome challenges, know their potential and transform their lives.

I am Andrea Corbett. Passionate, enthusiastic, loving and empathetic, determined to help you overcome challenges, know your potential, and understand what it takes on how to transform and be your Ultimate Self!

When I went to back to my old secondary school to complete my PGCE placement, the teachers asked me

"Why are you here?"

They could not believe I would qualify as a teacher.