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Aligned Action with Andrea is for women to come together and gather knowledge on how to be in aligned action with the tasks they need to complete, from health, wealth to family commitments.


I have learned the hard way of what happens when your actions are NOT in alignment with the task(s) at hand.


Can you relate to the following:


* You procrastinate with your tasks

* You are not sure what you need to be doing next

* You get restless very quickly (moving from one task to another)

* You are always busy being busy (with no specific outcome)

* You have started to form bad habits

* You have a fixed mindset (I can't do...)

* You are inconsistent (start a task, but never finish it)

* You are not working out as much as you would like to

* Your eating habits are not as it should be / would like to be


In this group we will support each other to move past the above list (and more). There are no wrong answers and or silly questions. As I say when I am teaching "if you are thinking about a question to ask, there is always someone else thinking the same thing or similar". It is a safe space to be vulnerable and not feel judged.


This is also a group for YOU to share your own experiences and support others in the group. There is no 'I' in T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More).


I will see you on the inside. X