30 Day or 5 Week F.O.C.U.S home Workouts

Updated: Jan 16

F.O.C.U.S 'HOME' WORKOUTS 30 DAY (Every day - One movement on Instagram) or 5 WEEK (Every Monday - Full workout on YouTube) 

Research suggests that fitness & health is one of the top new year resolutions. However,  not everyone can make it to the gym,  wants to go to the gym or has the 'right' equipment.

These videos require NO GYM,  NO EQUIPMENT and a SMALL AMOUNT OF SPACE.  Please exercise responsibly and consult your GP first if you are unsure.  RECOMMENDED use of workouts: Depending on your time you can do each exercise for AMRAP - As Many Reps As Possible or Set a timer to do between 15-30 seconds per exercise 

F.O.C.U.S Workouts for the woman who want to workout in the comfort of their own home or the woman who wants to workout in the office.  Whatever your circumstances, these exercises can be performed to meet each person's requirements/goal. 

Tag #focusworkouts and message me to let me know how you found this challenge and what you'd like to see next. #homeworkouts #nogym #officeworkouts #fitnessforwomen

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