What I actually do?

Can I ask a favour? Please can I borrow 2 minutes of your time and tell you what I actually do?

Partly because when I bump into people, they’re curious about what I’m up. But also because I want you to be able to think of me if you feel I could help you or someone else.

You probably won’t know this, but why would you? This month (Feb 2020) marks 5 years since I was diagnosed with a mental health illness and October will also mark 5 years since I resigned from over 12 years in the education sector as the head of department for an inner London secondary school.

The decision to resign was an easy option (but shortly afterwards a regrettable one), as I had some much negative chitter-chatter going on in my head, such as

  • You will never be allowed to work with young people again, in any capacity

  • Teachers cannot work after being diagnosed with a mental health illness

  • The other teachers won’t respect you like before

  • How will you cope with all the pressure?

  • You will be demoted from your middle leader management position

Since resigning, I unknowingly (at first) challenged myself to turn adversity into advantage. Let me take you on a whistle stop journey of some of those moments...

  • Weeks after my diagnosis, I set my first goal, which was to compete in a bodybuilding competition, which I subsequently won. I am now the 2018 UKBFF Champion and was awarded my IFBB Elite Pro Card (bodybuilding)

Disclaimer: I would NEVER have chosen to become a bodybuilder if I did not set that goal.

  • I made significant changes to my lifestyle, starting with abstaining from alcohol. This year I celebrate four years sober.

  • My relationship with my son broke down and he began his own downward spiral journey, due to my lack of care and attention. Our relationship is now better than it has ever been.

  • I qualified as a personal trainer

  • I qualified as a Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor

  • I became the founder of Focus On Creating Your ultimate Self CIC, with the aim to provide my local community with activities and events which would educate and empower them about the benefits and importance of physical and mental health.

  • With the work I was doing via the CIC, I was able to rebuild my confidence in working with young people.

  • The work inspired me so much that I set-up the Youth Fitness Mentoring Programme, where I am currently listed as a service provider for local councils.

  • I have worked for a variety of organisations who have requested my presence to deliver workshops and speak at their events.

My work as a Mindset and Confidence Coach is what you probably know less about, so here is a brief outline:

I support businesswomen over 40 to set and achieve non-work related goals. I empower and equip them with tools to overcome their self-limiting chitter-chatter and negative mindset, so they can discover their true potential and turn their dream into a reality.

Whether their idea is just beginning to form, or they know exactly what they want to do but don’t know all the steps they need to take… I work with them to get clear on those steps and move into action.

I help them build the foundations of their goal and find ways to make it a reality, so they can live their life with no regrets.

The thing is, so often when you’re thinking about a goal you really want to achieve, you put limits on it before you even begin. “It’s not realistic”, “I am too old”, “It’s just a dream”, “What will people think”.

I’m living proof that you can be, do and have whatever you desire. You choose your own reality. I’ve chosen mine and invite you to do the same.

So, if you hear yourself or a friend frustratingly say: I’m sick of just working and not doing anything for myself. I would like to X, but what will people think?. I want to do something for myself now I no longer have the responsibility of a young family. I have this idea, but it just feels so overwhelming and I don’t know how to move forward.

That’s your cue to say: Hey, my friend Andrea is good at that stuff. She may be able to help. I can give her your info and she will reach out.

If you have more questions as to how this coaching stuff works, just drop me a message and I’d love to tell you more.

Appreciate you reading this far. Thanks for all your support x

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