Resilience Practitioner

Each of us has a personal resilience toolkit of Strategies, Strengths, Resources and Insights we’ve developed to deal with stress and adversity. 

Let's have a chat to discover the best way I  can support you to B.O.U.N.C.C.E™ Forward in your personal and or business life, by identifying your top saboteurs. So you can be, do and have all that you desire .

Key areas we will explore:


Emotional First-Aid: Emotional First-Aid practices are taught to support people to settle themselves when feeling distressed. 

Thinking Flexibly, Self-Help Cognitive Therapy: Cognitive Therapy is of proven benefit in treating depression and anxiety. Individuals are introduced to the ABC Thinking Check tool to increase awareness of the impact of the way we think, as well as nudge ourselves or those we work with to explore new perspectives.

Overload Management, Dealing with Stress: individuals are introduced to what happens to our bodies and minds when we’re in overload, recognising how breathing and relaxation practices act on our physiology to help settle symptoms of stress.

Problem-Solving Strategies Cultivating Creative Responses: How to cultivate creative thinking, strengthen frustration tolerance and use structured problem-solving processes that help open up new pathways forward in areas where we, or those we work with, have been feeling stuck.

Strengthening Support, Resilience in Relationships: How to help people strengthen their support networks and nourish the relationships that sustain them. What helps dealing with bumpy patches between people and repair relationships when they go wrong.

Helping Resilience Habits Stick: The maintenance stage of change and explores ways of planting resilience habits so that they are more likely to stick.