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Worth Wound

  • When you feel or believe you are NOT WORTHY or DESERVING UNCONDITIONALLY, this blocks you receiving success in all areas


The importance of healing the Worth Wound

  • Boosts your sense of value

  • Stop addictive and self sabotaging behaviours

  • Enjoy happier, more supportive loving relationships

  • Able to connect more deeply to others in relationships

  • Lowers your stress levels, improve health and work life balance

  • Feel safe to receive abundance and success in all forms

  • Feel WORTHY  and DESERVING  of holding onto wealth in all areas of life

  • Happiness and success available without personal sacrifice

  • Freedom from self judgement and worries of what others think of you


Limiting Beliefs you say to yourself

  • “I am not worthy or deserving of money, success, love…”

  • “I am not worthy for who I am”

  • “I have to work really hard for good things”

  • “I can’t allow myself to be happy”


Do you have any or all of theses beliefs or feelings?

  • Believes that nothing good comes easy

  • Believes you are only worthy when achieving/ doing/serving

  • Believes /feels others will be jealous of your success or happiness

  • Believes that it is not safe to have it all

  • Believes that being successful or happy will hurt others

  • Believes there is something wrong/bad about yourself

  • Feels inadequate, unworthy, not important

  • Feels guilt and shame


How the Worth Wound shows up

  • Highly critical, judgemental of others

  • Low self esteem

  • Substance addictions (alcohol, food, drugs, smoking)

  • Behaviour addictions (money, work, exercising, social media, gambling, porn)

  • Never reward yourself

  • Unable to hold onto good things (loving relationships, money)

  • Debt, feast or famine in business and or with personal finances

  • Always seeking external validation

  • Loud inner critic

  • Always apologising

  • Become angry and or withdrawn if you feel criticised or judged

  • Suffers burnout/chronic stress

  • Over giving to prove you are not a ‘bad person’

  • Over giving because you do not feel deserving, you have to earn success


Experiences that lead to the Worth Wound

  • Blamed for things that were not your fault

  • Achievements belittled, not acknowledged by parents/carers/teachers

  • Any form of childhood abuse

  • Being constantly criticised by parent/carer

  • Made to feel bad if you had MORE than someone else

  • Bullied at school

  • Being the golden child and experiencing guilt for how others were treated in the family

  • Happiness and success being conditional and only available for ‘being good’

  • Siblings, friends being jealous of your achievements, successes, appearance, relationships

  • Criticised for being successful

  • ‘Work hard’ ethic

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"Andrea is very passionate about being authentic in the session and I believe this helped a lot! Andrea was also very encouraging and patient throughout . She ensured it was centred around my healing rather than her own gain"
"After my session with Andrea it literally felt like I had unloaded pain, it was heavy and dense but I felt like I had just removed weight from body,"
"My session with Andrea, was all a very smooth process. i’m glad I gave detailed responses for the pre-screen as i definitely think it’s leads to a better session when you can be as transparent and open."